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Why Music?

Learning an instrument is an amazing educational experience that gives children the chance to learn skills that will make them better students in all disciplines, more considerate citizens, and more well-rounded human beings. Music is a fun way to teach students the following skills:

Cognitive Knowledge: Music requires a great deal of informational knowledge. Students learn about composers, rhythms, note names, foreign terms, and music theory. Music teaches mathematical relationships, language skills, history, pattern recognition, and spatial reasoning.

Motor Skills and Body Awareness: Learning to play the violin or viola involves incredibly complex motor skills. Students learn to be aware of different parts of their bodies and how to control them in very specific ways.

Learning Skills: “Metacognition” is the buzz word for the concept of “thinking about thinking.” Music education teaches students not only how to play an instrument, but how to set learning goals, consciously observe what they are doing, self-assess, and problem solve. Music education creates better students because it teaches them how to learn.

Life Skills: Music forces students to think and adapt quickly, how to communicate  nonverbally, how to take risks, how to “fail forward,” as well as how to set and achieve both long and short-term goals. They learn time management and develop discipline by creating and executing a daily practice routine. They learn tenacity as they discover how to overcome obstacles.

Citizenship and Teamwork: Students learn how to support fellow musicians, how to give and receive constructive criticism, and how to work as an ensemble. They gain an understanding of what is appropriate behavior in concert settings and learn to serve the community by sharing their gifts with others.

Personal Expression: Students learn so many things from music, but perhaps the greatest gift is giving a child the vehicle and the confidence to express his or her distinctive and beautiful voice. Music gives us a unique language to express things that we cannot find the words to say and to feel things that we might not otherwise allow ourselves to feel.



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