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Innovative music lessons for all ages, all levels.

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Allegro Violin School provides personalized, innovative and fun violin lessons for students to explore his or her full potential! Our students are in great care of two master degree teachers combine teaching and performing experiences for over 50 years. This is the very best violin school for the very best activity and result!
We carefully plan of instruction that gives special importance of long-term technical and musical skill development while nurturing their love of music. This is it!

Violin Lessons Houston

"If you are serious about learning violin, Mr. Rodsuwan is who you want as your teacher. He's extremely knowledgeable, extremely passionate and a great man. He makes sure to answer any questions you have and personalized his teachings for you. One of the first things he will ask is "What is your goal?" From that point on, he works with you to reach your goal (granted you do your part). In a nutshell, I highly recommend."  Eric Wilbourn

" I cant say enough great things about professor Rodsuwan! He is simply a wonderful person to grow as a musician with. I am currently one of his adult students and every minute spent with Rodsuwan has been a valuable learning experience towards both my violin technique and knowledge in music. He is creative, fun, passionate, and tremendously dedicated in not only creating excellent violinists, but transmitting the beauty and joy in making music. He is the best at what he does- a master. I recommend his school to anyone, at any age, with an interest in violin playing." Melissa Parada

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