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Innovative music lessons for all ages, all levels.

"If I can do it anyone can do it"

Patricia Cain

Adult Violin, Guitar, Cello, Piano Lessons

Adult Violin Lessons



Do you have a dream to play the violin in your lifetime?  A dream can be just a fantasy.  How do you make your dream become a  reality?   When you set your goal, you move toward your goal and your goal will move toward you!

You can learn to play the violin. Basically you need to have:

1. The desire to learn

2. The decision to take action 

3. The discipline to practice

4. The determination to persist until you can play the violin!


Allegro Violin School provides lots of supports for learning. Flexible schedule is also possible. You will be able to play the violin sooner than you  can imagine!  You may choose play in the adult ensemble and have fun!


Learn the Songs You Want to Learn!

Lessons are customized to the student.

Lessons are designed around the goals of the students.